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Welcome to the Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club
Our club was chartered on the 22nd of December 2020, at the end of the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.  If you are a Nursing or Midwifery professional who wants to make positive changes to your community and the world, then this is the club for you.  Our club members are Nursing and Midwifery professionals who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group of Nursing colleagues who share your drive to make a difference in the world.

Our Members come from all over the Globe


Why Members have joined...

" I have worked in a few countries where I have seen a great need for medical assistance and the shortage of trained medical staff to meet the health needs of locals. 
Joining and being part of Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club (GNMRC) is a great privilege to be able to reach people globally where empowerment can be achieved through the provision of basic human needs such as:
  • Clean drinking water in rural and remote areas
  • Prevention of communicable diseases through immunisation programmes.
  • Education to empower the next generation through change.
Joining the GNMRC allows me to participate actively to achieve these goals with my fellow global nursing colleagues." - Priscilla
"The foundation of our profession is based on collegiality and fellowship.  I have joined the Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club to share a global experience through networking that the group has to offer. 
The roles that we play in communities earns us the highest trust levels of any profession. Sharing our experiences and knowledge between each other better equips us and enables us to continue to be the cornerstone of healthcare world-wide. 
There is not a human on this planet that is not touched or cared for by a nurse and or midwife. I want to meet you and share our stories." - Shelley

  Member Spotlight  

Presenting our Member of the Week, Tess Arnold

Why I wanted to join the club?
I am in my third year of a nursing/midwifery dual degree at the University of Queensland so am very new to the field however in a short time have grown to be very passionate. I wanted to somehow get involved in the industry and after hearing about the club and the projects they are planning on being involved in, I became very excited about the opportunity.  
As a student I’ve found it extremely valuable to learn from the experienced nurses and midwives in the club. Pre-covid I had planned to do a few overseas nursing aid trips that unfortunately could not go ahead.  I love the fact that through being apart of this club I can be apart of some really exciting projects that will have a positive impact on so many communities.   I am looking forward to continuing to grow as a midwife and nurse whilst being part of this amazing club.  
Other details about me 
- Currently working as a paediatric personal care worker (PCW) at Hummingbird House.
Welcome Tess - fabulous to have you join us!

We are excited to announce that the Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club has become part of the change!!   

Caring for our environment is one of Rotary and our Club’s 7 areas of focus.  It is so important that we all contribute to protecting our environment as much as possible.    
Containers for Change is a fabulous initiative that promotes positive recycling behaviours that helps the environment as well as supporting charities to fundraise.  
It is a win – win for all involved.
Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club is promoting care of the environment by encouraging Rotarians to recycle eligible drink containers – with 10 cents being donated back to our Rotary Club.   We intend to channel the funds raised towards purchasing Rotary Solar Cases.  There is so much potential for this life saving and vital initiative bringing a power source to parts of our world still requiring such a basic of life that the rest of us take for granted. 
Only Queensland and Western Australia have this recycle program available.  All Rotarians and other supporters in these participating States are encouraged to deposit their recyclables at their nearest Containers for Change depots [NOTE, WA to be set up soon].  We ask you to provide our Scheme ID to donate your refund to our cause.
Please share our cause and our scheme ID to your friends, family, and work colleagues.
Watch every make a difference!!

The Global Nurses & Midwifery Rotary Club     

Queensland Scheme ID is C10470980

To donate your refund, it is as simple as providing our scheme ID the next time you recycle. 


More News and Events

2021 Global Bake Up

We ask that our club members shine a light on RI and our Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club by hosting a delicious tea break at work for their colleagues at work and talking to them about rotary.

We will be baking up a storm, collecting the recipes and making a delicious-looking eBook, that will be used to raise funds.

How can members get involved with the global bake up?

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