A Word from the President

Hello to all members of the Global Nurses & Midwives Rotary Club
We have three proposed members to our Rotary club.
All three members have been approved by the leadership team, it is now up to you as members of our club to have your say.
The three proposed members are:
Tess Arnold - nominated by member Nic Nash-Arnold.
Tess has participated in a number of our meetings including charter meetings last year
Tess is studying for a double degree in nursing/midwifery here in Qld.
Cheryl Hawkins - nominated by member Kate Field
Cheryl has an extensive nursing and midwifery background. She is now focussed on women's health and also lives in Qld.
Cheryl has also done overseas volunteering and brings that experience to our club.
Jeffrey Potter - nominated by member Kate Field
Jeff has joined one of our meetings and Jeff has extensive experience as a nurse and in executive positions in Australia and Overseas. Jeff is also a past member of the Herbert River Rotary Club of Ingham. Jeff is keen to become a Rotarian once more by being an active member of our club.
Portfolio Lead Priscilla and I had a zoom meeting with Tess, Cheryl and Jeff and we can present them to you our members.
As per our constitution and club rules if any active member votes no against a proposed member - then we do not progress further with that person's application to membership.
On behalf of the leadership team, I ask that you consider these three colleagues to become members.
If you choose to vote no can you please send your no vote via email to Wendy McIntosh by the 14th March 2021.
Wendy McIntosh
Club President
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