Cecilia Flomo

RN, BSN, Master in Public Health

Why Cecilia joined the Club

I have heard and read of core values of different groups; one thing I have always been keen about is the link between my professional core values and my personal philosophy: For me, this measure is very critical for the attainment of life’s goal. My Professional core values measured against the group’s philosophy and core values confirm that Rotary has the standard that fits.
I have joined the Rotary International family, because I have measured my core values against that of Rotary and have come to realize that as a nurse, Rotary and my professional core values have many meaningful commonalities.

In addition to my professional contribution, I have come to Rotary to make more contribution to society through a more systematic and organized manner while getting more strengths from both services in Rotary and as a Nurse. 

Globally, I have witnessed the passion of Rotarians to serve and make the human race better, this has drawn my deep interest to join the Global Nursing and Midwifery Rotary Club.