Dr. Pammie Ellem RN MN Ph.D. CCN MACN
Is an experienced Registered Nurse and Specialist Breast Care Nurse who has always been passionate about oncology care/cancer nursing in regional, rural and remote areas. Having grown up in rural QLD, she understands firsthand issues and strengths created by the tyranny of distance experienced by those living in rural and remote areas. Additionally, Pammie has experience in rural family support and telehealth which complement service delivery to isolated communities of which she is a strong advocate.
Another key interest of Pammie’s is engaging clinicians in research, enabling fellow clinicians to become involved in research and higher education, not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of the patients in their care. The nursing profession needs more researchers at the bedside.
As Industry Liaison Educator Academic and Lecturer, Pammie is able to combine her interests of regional, rural and remote care within her role to assist in providing an enriched pathway for tomorrow’s nurses and today's clinicians.