Priscilla Thanjan

Priscilla is currently working at TAFE as a Nursing Teacher and also works for Nursing Agencies as an Operating Theatre / PHC/ Emergency and General Registered Nurse.
Priscilla has national nursing experience, working in rural and remote areas within Australia including Alice Springs and Thursday Island and internationally in the Solomon Islands and Nauru.
She formed part of an international medical team to set up 3 field hospitals to meet the emergency and critical care needs of the local communities when acute hospital care was unavailable.
Priscilla volunteers annually in mobile medical clinics to remote communities seeking medical assistance, through church-based organisations.
Her aspiration is to make a difference in the world through the provision of medical assistance where it is needed and helping the marginalised. To simply see a smile on someone’s face rather than seeing fear brings joy to her heart and spirit. This alone makes Priscilla want to be proactive about achieving these aspirations.
Joining the Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club adds meaning to want to make all these goals achievable. Priscilla knows she can’t do everything but hopefully but is making a start to do something.

Why Priscilla joined the Club

I have worked in a few countries where I have seen a great need for medical assistance and the shortage of trained medical staff to meet the health needs of locals.  Joining and being part of Global Nurses Rotary Group (GNRG) is a great privilege to be able to reach people globally where empowerment can be achieved through the provision of basic human needs such as:
  • Clean drinking water in rural and remote areas
  • Prevention of communicable diseases through immunisation programmes.
  • Education to empower the next generation through change.
Joining the GNRG allows me to participate actively to achieve these goals with my fellow global nursing colleagues.