Shelley Nowlan

Adjunct Professor Shelley Nowlan RN, BN, MHM, Grad Dip PM, MAICD and FACN
The Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer is critical to provide leadership for the state-wide strategic direction for nursing and midwifery services as well as provide professional leadership for our nurses and midwives of Queensland. Shelley Nowlan was appointed to the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer for Queensland in September 2016. 

Shelley has over 30 years’ experience in a range of health settings and experiences.  Of these, 16 years’ experience working closely and within metropolitan, regional and rural public sector executive clinical and health administrative leadership roles at a strategic and an operational level.  
Shelley currently holds professorial positions as Adjunct Professor – School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, The University Queensland and Adjunct Professor – School of Medicine, Griffith University. 

For those of you that know Shelley, she is a people orientated nurse leader who is experienced in clinical innovation, leading strategic planning, significant nursing workforce commissioning, policy development at state level, clinical practice, research and workforce development to meet the needs of a contemporary healthcare system. 

Her visionary leadership has achieved practical outcomes for the nursing profession and clinical care re-design with success in developing and leading State-wide and Local programs. To achieve positive outcomes for Nursing and Midwifery she has worked closely with National partners, state-wide Public and Private sector, local area health leads, Universities, VET sector, consumers and the unions partnering in key initiatives to achieve the best in healthcare for communities.  
Shelley has a particular interest in Rural and Remote Healthcare in Queensland as well as advanced practice models of care. Shelley looks forward to working with you as she leads the Nursing and Midwifery strategic agenda for Queensland. 

Why Shelley joined the Club

The foundation of our profession is based on collegiality and fellowship. I have joined the Rotary Global Nurses and Midwives e-group to share a global experience through networking that the group has to offer.  The roles that we play in communities earn us the highest trust levels of any profession.
Sharing our experiences and knowledge between each other better equips us and enables us to continue to be the cornerstone of healthcare world-wide.  There is not a human on this planet that is not touched or cared for by a nurse and or midwife. I want to meet you and share our stories.