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Hello everyone 

Each year our District Insurance person (for us Peter Meyer) has to receive a completed Insurance & Compliance form from each club. It is my role as President to complete the form and send it to Peter.

To meet our obligation our club needs to have a Youth Protection Officer.
The Youth Protection Officer role is:
  • to keep members updated re any changes to Youth Protection as necessary for Rotarians
  •  if members are volunteering with youth as a Rotarian to ensure that those members have the required blue card (country-specific) and complete a volunteer declaration form when in that specific volunteering role       
Because our club has members overseas and each area has different requirements to work with children, the following would apply
1.    Local Government Laws of the country/state they are in
2.    Rotary International Youth Protection Policy
3.    District 9630 Youth Protection Policy would be applicable to members in D9630

If you would like to be the Youth Protection Officer for the club can you let me know by Friday this week (26th Feb) and also look to complete the training by Sunday of this week (28th Feb).
The Youth Protection Officer has to complete online education and to complete a quiz.
The online education is a PowerPoint and the quiz is 15 questions. I have completed the training and the quiz took 20 minutes. 
We have also included a handout that complements the pp and has most of the information required to answer the questions in the quiz.
I would also invite all members to complete the online training as District will then have a record of who has completed it and you get a certificate on completion.
Please note the link to the online quiz is at the end of the PowerPoint Presentation. You will be asked to set up a password and the name of the Club. The document that will assist you to answer the questions is the Policy Summary Document.
Charter President Wendy McIntosh
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