Presidents Report
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President's Report

I had hoped I would have been able to do a video for you, however, I have managed to lose my capacity to speak beyond 10 seconds currently. This is another jam-packed newsletter and a BIG thank you to Secretary Sue for sending these mail outs out on a regular basis. If you have anything you would like to add to the newsletter please let Sue know.
New Members
I am delighted to say that we have another four new prospective members for you to consider and vote on. See below for information from our Membership portfolio lead Priscilla about our three colleagues. I have had an opportunity to talk with all three prospective members and I envisage they will continue to build on and expand the development of our great club.
Cecelia Kpangbala has proposed Christiana  Massally from Sierra Leone Christiana works with the Nursing and midwifery board of Sierra Leone.
Merab Nyishime from West Liberia  who has been proposed by Cecelia Kpangbala  - works with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Liberia
Ninette Johnstone is proposed by Kate Field.  Ninette works in the South West HHS and her greatest passion in nursing is Child Health. 
Professor Shela Zafar - Iqra University Nursing College - Karachi - Professor for nursing & Midwifery is proposed by Shelley Nolan.
All members have seven days from this notice to let us know if they vote no against accepting any of the prospective members. You can contact me if you have any objections.
Keep reading as there is more information from me in the sections below.
Charter President Wendy McIntosh
Rotary Area of Focus
Rotary International has made water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) one of the organisations seven areas of focus.
By clicking on this link you can read more about the WASH focus of Rotary International
WHO World Hand Hygiene Day
A big thank you to GNMRC member Min for sending this important video link to us for member interest. As midwives and nurses, we are all aware of the importance of good handwashing to ensure good hygiene and to decrease the risk of spreading infections.
The experience of COVID 19 has focussed the importance of handwashing to assist decrease the risk of spreading the virus. In the words of Min, our club and members are committed and support improving hand hygiene compliance as the single most important behaviour / practise everyone can do to prevent/control infection transmission...and particularly with the current COVID-19 pandemic.  
For the attention of our colleagues who are Midwives. 
We have had a request from one of the Rotary Clubs in our District the Rotary Nomads to have a midwife from our club talk with their members about the role of midwives and the impact they have on the lives of children.
The Nomads meet via zoom on Wednesday nights - the dates they have offered is 19th May or the 2nd June. This is a great opportunity for our members to talk about our professional roles and our club.
The Nomads are a great bunch of Rotarians and whoever presents to them will have fun. Let Wendy know your interest and she will give you the contact details for Sue St Claire from the Nomads who has made the approach to President Wendy.
Below is the Agenda for the Meeting of the 11th of May  2021. 
It is an evening meeting with the Zoom room open from 1800 Brisbane time to catch up.
The Zoom link is at the top of the agenda document.
Our guest presenter is Professor Anne Bonner Head of School for Nursing & Midwifery Griffith University.

Ann Bonner is an internationally recognised nephrology nurse researcher whose interdisciplinary research program focuses on improving outcomes for people along the trajectory of chronic kidney disease; from slowing disease progression to kidney replacement therapies and to end-of-life care. She is a Chief Investigator in the NHMRC Chronic Kidney Disease Centre of Research Excellence, Honorary Research Fellow at the Kidney Health Service, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, where she leads the Kidney Nursing Collaborative Research Centre, and a Visiting Scholar at Princess Alexandra and Logan Hospitals. Her research interests are symptom management, self-management, health literacy, and advanced practice nursing roles.
Our Club Information Brochure
We have created a Global Nurses and Midwives Club Brochure that we can use to give out to people in they are interested in joining us or want to know what we are about.
Please have a look at the Brochure and we can discuss it at the meeting. Or if you can't attend the meeting email me your thoughts.
Member Resources
If you would like to present to other Nursing colleagues or to other Rotary Clubs in your area about the Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club Wendy and her team have created a Powerpoint presentation and notes to assist you.

As with all the documents that are referred to in the Bulletin these resources are available for you to download from the website. Just log in to the Member's area and choose the documents tab. Our website address is
Have you accessed the Members Website?
The Members area of the Global Nurses and Midwives Website houses a lot of information about our club.
You can find all the documents that are discussed at meetings and in the Bulletin, plus check your own details, communicate with other Members and there is an App you can download so you can access info anywhere, anytime.
Gail Aylmer has done a great job of getting it all sorted. If you have a website question you can email Gail.
Information From the District
We belong to District 9630 and each week a Newsletter is sent out to all Rotarians in that District. 
There is lots of news about what is happening in the District and in Rotary in general. 
The latest Newsletter has a focus on Rotary Peace Fellows and the Rotary Peace Centre at the University of Queensland.
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